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Pictures that I've Seen
By: Emily Tyler

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Saturday, 28-Oct-2006 20:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Halloween Party Extravaganza!!

This M&M can't keep his gloves to himself
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Yes, yes, I know its been a while but that's the cost of democracy. And hey, consider that I still haven't finished the pictures from Cyprus and things aren't looking so bad after all!

SO, we had an AWESOME party and thanks everyone for coming, I can't really remember it now because it was over 3 days ago ... but I think I had fun. It was rainy and gross out so we didn't get to do all the awesome haunted trail, bonfire, ritual sacrifice thing, or light up the 75,000 pumpkins we stole from Keene, but rest assured next year we will make up for it. My camera is broken so that's why there are so many blurry ones (no one can manual focus my crappy lens), but you get the IDEA. I got there late and stuff and stopped taking pictures after my third drink, but I still ended up with a million.

Umm... so yeah, see y'all next time!!

Saturday, 23-Sep-2006 01:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kittens at Home

Kittens make it hard to type
Two kittens make it impossible
Prince kitten
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Our new kittens! My babies, so cute! <3

Wednesday, 2-Aug-2006 06:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark

The six new kittens at Jen's barn
They are so tiny and cute!
And they can't quite walk straight yet
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Today I went to Jen's barn to play with the new kittens. They are SO tiny and cute and I love them. My favorite is the boy black and white stripey one, he's so handsome with his blue eyes. Hopefully he'll get to come home with us someday soon.

Saturday, 20-May-2006 21:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Graduation Pictures

What's that down the hall?
Those are some flowers!!
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I finally did it, after five years of higher education today was the day of my official graduation ceremony!

Unfortunately, being that I am across the globe in Bangladesh, I was unable to walk in Durham for the UNH ceremony.

I was a bit bummed out, but who needs all that sitting around with 10,000 other people on a flooded field, right? Plus, my school is so huge that they don't even call your name or even your major, they call you by college. So, they would say, College of Liberal Arts and about 3,000 other people and I would stand up, then sit down, and that would be it.

Anyway, my amazingly sweet boyfriend Alex decided to give me a special surprise day anyway! He leads me into the living room and VOILA! A HUGE gorgeous bouquet of flowers that looks like it is the centerpiece at a graduation ceremony and a wonderful banner congratulating me! He was so cute, when he went to get the sign he temporarily blanked on the letters of my school but he figured that since I live in Massachusetts it would be UMASS. It's cool though, because in a few of the pictures it looks like it says 'ass' behind my head, which is totally appropriate.

Later, he has another surprise for me: my beautiful sari is finished! And, when he went to the tailors he had sneakily used my measurements to order me an amazing hand-sewn fitted graduation gown and cap!! I was speechless and started crying, it was so sweet. So, since I didn't get to go to my graduation, I put on the cap and gown and we took a bunch of pictures. Afterwards, though I'm still pretty sick and icky feeling, we went out to this really nice restaurant.

Thanks Alex for everything, you're the best and you made my graduation day really special for me.

Monday, 13-Feb-2006 00:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
School Days in London, Part 2

The ASA group in front of Buckingham Palace
Myself and Jess decked out for Chinese New Year
Julie with her beautiful b-day flowers from Tom
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Here are some more fabulous pictures from the shining city of London. Some are from around the dorm and stuff, some from the shisha bar, some from club/bars. Most of these again, are from Jess' camera because hers is portable and she conveniently has it with her when we go out. Scenery and touristy shots will be in other entries. This is just what we do for fun!

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